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're following is in los angeles. a wildfire erupted in the hills above sepulveda pass on the east side of interstate 405. there is lots of smoke, blistering heat and windy conditions are fanning flaips, fire officials say the fire burning through two acres of brush near the getty center art museum. it's closed as a precaution. the fire is approaching several large homes. we'll monitor this throughout the hour and bring updates here on abc 7 news at 4:00. >> there is serious online shop goinging noncalifornia. consumers bri tri to beat a law that begins charging taxes on most internet purchases. the law taxes take affect at midnight. shoppers can save between 7% to 9% by charging items through this evening. and state officials say the new law brings in $100 million in new revenue during the first year, just from the purchases alone. the board of he saigs hired 35 new auditors and collect dwrorz hand qlel this wind fall. >> business news, stark warnings from the obama administration. but first another victory for apple. and we're live with the rofrt. >> another win forp apple in the glob
action star calls in the authorities. i'm rachel smith in los angeles. who needed help, just ahead. >> coming up on abc 7 news at 5:00 water patrol duty goes to new depths to sniff out a big, invasive problem in lake autos let's go outside again. bay bridge toll plaza. there are cars facing you head together city. cash is not king today. slow going if you don't have fast track. stay with us. [ woman ] ring. ring. progresso. your new light creamy potato with bacon & cheese soup says it's 100 calories a serving. that's right. in what world do potatoes, bacon and cheese add up to 100 calories? your world. my world. ♪ [ whispers ] real bacon... creamy cheese... [ whispers ] 100 calories... say it again... [ whispers ] 100 calories... ma'am, hello? ma'am [ male announcer ] progresso. you gotta taste this soup. 6. >>> coast guard comes to the rescue in real life for actor russell crow and all that have is in today's enter taintment report from on the record carpet of here is raishel sming. >> a movie star has to call in the authorities. russell crow and his friends kayaking and got los
springs and warm in los angeles there are things shaping up in the bay area tomorrow, we'll see fog and low clouds but that burns back to the coastline giving us another sunny day with a wide range of high temperatures, upper 50s near the coast. and low 80s inland. there is 83 in antioch north bay, 80. and there is highs into upper 60s to around 70s near the bay and there is a very pleasant day tomorrow, temperatures just a few degrees below after rej. looks like a nice week ahead. >> thank you. >> still ahead girls versus boys. who is better at writing? results of a new test. >> and a sandwich showdown. an award a chain is putting up to find a creative new sandwich. >> keeping car tires clean can be a dirty job. there is a product making it easy. >> and there is live coverage on the occupy protests marking the one-year anniversary of the beginning with reports on the ground and air. and there is a city doesn't owe do it, we'll give money to the charity. >> one family vows to make streets safer so no other family has to experience thei [ woman ] dear chex cereal, i've never written
the big show sunday at the emmys at 5:00 p.m. eastern, i'm rachel smith in los angeles. >> there is the emmy commercial and red carpet arrivals and then, the 54th annual prime time emmy awards right here followed by an encore presentation from 8:00 until 1:00. >> the president is joking and he jay-z have a lot in common attending a fund-raiser in new york hosted by jay-z and his wife, mr. obama said they share a special bond because quote we both have daughters and our wives are more popular than we are. the president said there could be not be a better role model for girls adding michelle, sasha and malia were disappointed they were not able to make the he convenient president obama gave a newlywed couple a gift after nearly crashing their wedding. it was set for september 1 in a farm near des moines, the same day and place the president was holding a rally. and the president left the couple a wedding gift, a silver tray, a mint julep cup and a hand written note. >> congratulations on the wedding we wish you a great life together. barack obama. >> just our luck we're l
at california science center in los angeles. nasa is encouraging people to report sightings on twitter using the hash tag spot the shuttle and 0 v 105 and please send us your photos of the shuttle. >> and there is a fly over tucson, arizona to pay tribute to gabrielle gifford. her husband asked that'sa to make that fly by. kelly served as endeavor's last pilot. giffords resigned from congress to focus on her recovery after being shot in january, 2011. >>> a landmark ruling in san francisco. two former executives for a liquid crystal display company received three prison sentences and the company must pay $500 million in fines for violating u.s. antitrust laws. this is one of the harshest penalties ever in an antitrust criminal case. >> and there is a new bug in town called iphone 5 that is catching on fast. take a look at the chairs lined up outside of the apple store there is a live picture, some people are going to camp out overnight so they can become some of the first to own the new iphone 5 whit goes on sale. there is expected line that's will form overnight, or early in the morning as
come in handy in los angeles right now. there is a carmeggedon 2 will be beginning. closed for a construction project. a similar shut down last year was the original carmeggedon. >> and caltrans is reminding bay area drivers that the bridge will be closed next month and there is the bridge closing from 10:00 p.m. to 5:00 a.m. the following monday. and there be replacing roadway. >> a new law will make buying an electric car more affordable. it allows to use charging stations into the loan. >> an effort urging the governor to veto a controversial vaccine bill there are most doctors are concerned and al rallying against ab 2109 requiring parents who don't want their kids vaccinated to receive a written waiver. >> a governor sign aid bill into law giving students access to electric versions of college textbooks. this is a online version. >> and christopher stevens will be honored with a moment of silence tomorrow before the cal football game. the university set up a fund to receive gifts in his honor. >> happening now alameda county food bank is desperate for food. they haven'
more news at otrc.com. i'm rachel smith in los angeles. >> and facebook stock hits a new low today. now, the blame game has begun. taking a look at the fall out as stock prices continue to crop drop. we'll have a live report next. >> and a san francisco school where students return today after a devastating flood. >> and then, do you want fries with that? a chain known for burgers is >>> the price of facebook stock fell to yet another low today. criticism intensifies over who is to blame. and david louie joins us live from facebook head quarters in menlo park. >> there is every day stock markets are open they face a vote of their competence or skepticism. facebook is facing a serious crisis of confidence. this started in may. mark zuckerman presided over the ipo. facebook supposed to be a poster child fr a big silicon valley resurge jens but the stock has been a dud closing today at yet another record low. and that is a loss of over $50 billion in value. "new york times" and "forbes" are doing finger pointing. "forks" blames ceo, zuckerberg. and facebook declined a request from abc 7 ne
. palm springs 106. 88 in los angeles tomorrow, 76 in big sur and there is a great day and there is a summer spread in effect a high of 64 z.on the coast and 74 in oakland. inland to brentwood, a high of 95 there is a is a 90s in cloverdale, east bay, 94, antioch, livermore, 93, fairfield there is 70s here in san francisco. this is also warm. we may have another day of this warmth before it tapers off. enjoy, now. >> and we know one way to safe money at the grocery store is to buy store-brand items. are they as good as name brands? putting price, and taste to the test. >> which commercial is taking home top prizes in san francisco as best of the year. stay with us. >> in the abc 7 newsroom, a proposition designed to bring more revenue to california? critics say it could cast the state more jobs and big dig in san francisco, uncovering a piece of history. now, the attention of scient >>> checking healthy living news this afternoon for the first time in four years number of americans covered by some type of health care is growing. the study says 260 million americans have
and there is tahoe 80 degrees. 88 in los angeles heading up towards eureka, 61 degrees, warm here in the bay area, we'll get you into low 90s and there is 66 san francisco. half moon bay comfortable, 62 degrees so there is a wide range of conditions. >> a hit british comedy has become a feature film but will in betweeners translate into success here in the u.s.? >> first there is a space heater prompting a new warning from consumer reports. i'll have details on that coming up. >> coming up traffic stops will never be the same just three days after the shooting death we're going to go on a chp ride along. mark your calendars. shuttle endeavor will be soon doing a bayover fly over. we'll have the story. join cheryl jennings and me for those stories, >>> checking healthy living news new research may have some women rethinking getting mammograms. researchers have found the x rays designed to save lives can increase a chance of breast cancer for a select group of women. the women at highest risk have a certain gene mutation common in eastern european jewish population. >> and researchers may have found a
cooper joining force was childhood buddies. in los angeles, coming up, the actor talks about working on his latest movie with friends. >> and coming up on abc 7 news at 5:00 how could it happen? california teachers getting huge pay raises to boost pensions as classrooms feel the pinch. >> and at 4:to 1, a live look at traffic in walnut creek now. this is 680. traffic coming towards you is heading northbound. southbound on the right. looks good. considering it's a middle of the week afternoon. stay with us. >>> actor bradley cooper breaking the rule about combining friends and business. >> the r & b diva files a -- settles a lawsuit. >> and it's not every day a big star gets to work with childhood friends. so when bradley cooper got to work with his old buddies it was a dream come true. we chatted with the actor last night at the red carpet of the drama "the word "oichl he says having his friends write and direct the movie was crazy. >> to be able to work with your friends and watch them succeed and help them in any way, it's the best thing you can ever want. >> it's in theaters on fr
in sacramento. 93 in fresno. 104 down in palm springs. 86 in los angeles. another sunny day, from coast to inland there is highs into upper 50s. 60s around the bay there is just showing you that clear sky at the coast. we don't see fog advancing and early in the morning quite a bit of it around. >> thank you. >> and still ahead of a connection between a chemical used in packaging. >> and how long will benefits last from gastric bypass surgery? >> putting thermostats to the test. michael finney checking out which ones can help save you money. >> i'm cheryl jennings, coming up at 5:00 big volumes of paper work in the hands of san francisco supervisors and a short time span they have to decide the fate of ross mirkarimi. ahead of the big fly over, what it takes to liver >>> there is a new segment here hosted by cheryl. >> the company called her one of the most influential women in technology and says she's one of the women to follow on twitter. >> here she is with today's top video autos it's another look at the day's top you tube videos from what is trending. first a performance shot in s
in palm springs. highs 87 in los angeles. there is high temperatures into mid-60s on the coast and low 90s into warmest inland locations there is tomorrow evening, at at and t park giants taking on san diego padres. clear skies and game time 6:05 p.m. temperatures into low 60s at that hour. and there are lovely evening for baseball ask a great weekend to wind down summer and the season. >> there is is a clinching game. >> i'm forecasting a clinch this weekend. >> we'll take it. >> take a look at this, people are watching them, they were watching a catter pillar. web producers found this individual yof gorillas who were fascinated by insects. and no catterpillars were harmed in the filming. >> people were looking up trying to see endeavor today. >> interesting. >> yes. >> and yes. and that is cute. >> we have a new segment here on abc 7 news at 4:00 the show "what's trending" and there is one of the most influential people in technology last year and there is today's top videos. >> it's trending with the biggest and most-watched videos. there is the series bad lap reading in which comedians
vegas. almost very warm. low clouds, fog giving way to sunshine in los angeles by afternoon, 79 degrees. there is sunny skies and there are high temperatures into 60s. fog pulling away from coast areas. 81 santa rosa. 92, clear lake, 70 oakland concord, antioch, mid-80s, there is 73 degrees in santa cruz, cooling off wednesday, but warmer weather is coming your way later on this week this is the first week of fall. and we do get warmth spells so we'll be waiting for that. >> and there is not the hunting rival it's what comes with it that is a target. >> we're talking bullets and bling. an unusual promotion, coming up. >> there is a review on health care plans. >> and in the abc 7 newsroom registering to vote a day of an election comes to california. concerns about voter fraud. >> and tweets that could inspire a >>> a georgia jeweler has a perfect ring for a shotgun wedding. >> very the best deal for you. >> he says he does. buy a diamond ring worth $2500 at this georgia jewelry store, your gift is a free rifle to go with it. the owner says he can't buy the kind of publicity he's getting
to the north, around sacramento 95 degrees and palm springs 101. 80s in los angeles. 63, big sur, 89 in yosemite. heading to tahoe, sunshine. here is the bay area, temperatures starting to trend higher starting tomorrow and there are san francisco, half moon bay. not going get hot just yet at the coastline. as i show you game time forecast for the giants tomorrow, as they host the diamond backs at 12:45, 63 degrees, sunshine, breezy. 66 degrees so it's mild weather and i think you can pull it off with just one layer. it's last hem game of the regular season. and i tell you what by weekend you might want to break out bathing suits. goitsing to get warm at beaches. and hot inland temperatures near 100 degrees. >> it will be hot. >> thank you. >> and just ahead getting a helping hand from a morning cup of joe. >> and a grow be problem with growing older, surgeries on the rise, and why. >> there is which sites give you the biggest bang for bur buck? i'll show you some of the very best one autos into the abc 7 newsroom there is a warning sent out from chevron. a kind of plant that blew ou
to 101 in palm springs. coastal areas and fog, 82 los angeles. and there is a possibility of showers or thunderstorms and there is summer like spread 59 in pacifica. and there is 71 in oakland and there is a warm day for friday. there is upper 80s to low 90s inland. and there are 60s there, then, by weekend he we're going to bring 70s sunday, monday at beaches and up to 100 degrees. smoking hot and there is 98 sunday so summer like heat it will be. >> thank you. >> and just ahead mona lisa's younger twin. >> and why those new school lunch requirements are leaving some kids hungry. >> and credit card companies looking for customers but which card is right for you? coming up best cards that can help you pay down debt. >> and i'm dan ashley. coming up at 5:00 ingredient inside trader joe's meat shah that has customers calling for change. and the rover uncovering new proof life may have existed on mars coming up. the news at 4:00 continues in just a moment. >>> checking healthy living news, new research suggests the class of drugs known as downers could put elderly at greater risk of dem
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